Myca Vykos' Letter

Greetings to you, my old friend,

You will remember this token, which you agreed to honor. I now request that you aid me as I once assisted you. It is my fervent hope that the duty I ask of you shall not prove too onerous.

It has been made known to me that an old acquaintance of mine, by the name of Goratrix, travels to Transylvania. He has been summoned to the Tremere chantry known as Ceoris, a fortress that rests among the Transylvanian Alps. He is alone in this hostile land, where so many of my own clanmates would wish to do him ill. Thus, I make my request of you. Go to Timisoara, to the crypt beneath the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher, where my own agents shall make certain he awaits your coming. Though clever, they lack a Cainite’s powers and stamina. Guard him through these dangerous lands and escort him to the chantry.

He knows the way to Ceoris and has been commanded to appear there. I would not like to see him fall before my Tzimisce kin: That would be far too lenient a punishment for one such as he. No, with your help, he shall not escape attending upon his Usurper brethren.

It is my great hope that you understand me clearly. I offer you my thanks. Should you accept, your debt to me is paid.

With fondness,

Myca Vykos

Myca Vykos' Letter

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