Dead, former Prince of Klausenburg.


He usually wears a long dark, woolen coat, a faded shirt and breeches… although he is seldom seen when he is stalking his prey. His thick boots carry earth from lands throughout Transylvania.

Met the Final Death in 1198 at the hands of the ghoul, János Danislav, loyal retainer of the Tzimisce Erzsébet Émi.


Mitru began his unlife as an arrogant and overconfident “defender of the innocent.” He once believed that the only weapons he needed to defend the village where he was born were his bow and a few hand-crafted arrows. Even now, he trusts his instincts as a hunter more than his slowly developing skill at politics.

Rage has won over reason.

Mitru was chosen for the Embrace because of his fierce hatred for the overlords of Transylvania. Through his early life, his family struggled, and the taxes imposed by a servant of Nova Arpad eventually drove them into poverty. As Vlach serfs, two-thirds of the goods they produced were sent to the estate of the Szekler overlord. By day, his family was bled dry. The local peasants spread monstrous stories detailing the fates of the Arpad’s servants.

At night, the commoners of Transylvania barred their doors and windows. Horrific sounds of battle by moonlight disturbed their sleep and fed their nightmares. Undaunted, Mitru began to explore the dark forests surrounding Napoca. When at last he came upon Nova’s household, he discovered the truth behind the rumors. He unmasked her true nature: The undead vampyr enjoyed great wealth while exploiting the serfs of her domain. Thus, he stalked the beast that had preyed upon his people. He crafted 13 arrows to slay the vampyr Nova; three arrows in Nova’s chest forced her into torpor. When Arnulf heard of this legendary accomplishment, Mitru received an unholy reward: his baptism into darkness.

Now, as the prince of Napoca, Mitru is fanatic about guarding his domain from other supernatural threats. He trusts in himself, but he is already growing suspicious of the beliefs of the other members of his clan. Mitru has become especially wary of his sire’s ideas of culling the populace of the cities.

The prince of Napoca often hunts prey in the woods outside the city, but occasionally, he finds a mortal who seems worthy of becoming a ghoul. Silently, Mitru will harry the prospective servant through his lands to test the mortal’s abilities. Those who fight with great puissance are Embraced; those who run are destroyed. In the same manner, he tests those who pass through his domain with fire and clothyard shafts. With the instincts of a predator, he maintains order in his violent domain.


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